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We are a value-led organisation supporting young people leaving care

Welcome to Bridging the Gap in Medway

As well as the Advice Centre Bridging the Gap provides a flagship service supporting young people between the ages of 16 and 25 years, in meeting their accommodation needs as well as their emotional wellbeing and providing the skills to assist them to move on to independent living.

Our outreach service is for up to 10 young people in the wider community. The project can also accept 1 young person as an emergency placement. Bridging the Gap provides support to vulnerable young people and helps develop the skills required to live independently. We also assist young people to access education, training and employment and promote emotional resilience.

Both the residential project and the outreach service aim to provide young people with the skills to live independently and to reduce the likelihood of repeat homelessness.

Current Vacancies

177 Nelson Road (4 units Upper plus 1 Emergency Room) - 3 units available

177 Nelson Road (2 units Lower) - 0 units available

179 Nelson Road (3 units) - 0 units available

181 Nelson Road (4 units) - 2 units available

56 Victoria Street (2 units) - 0 units available

64 Victoria Street (2 units) - 0 units available

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