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Bridging the Gap ~ A social enterprise supporting young people to become independent

Supporting Young Parents

We provide supported accommodation of an excellent standard for parents and thier children, this can include mum and baby, dad and baby or couples and baby. We support to move on to independent living supporting the parents in, meeting thier child's health and development needs, putting thier child's needs first, providing routine and consistent care and engaging with support services.

We support parents to improve their indpendent living skills whilst they go through thier parenting assessment and are confident; personal hygiene and care of self and baby, promote positive relationships, learning and maintaining routines, health and safety in the home, learning the importance of play and stimulation of baby, nurturing, bonding and attachment, healthy eating, personal finance and budgeting, managing a tenancy and home care and maintenance.

For more information on how we can support young parents please call us on 01634 287070.